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Bootstrap Farmer Radio

Sep 27, 2018

Nick goes deep on how started from his farm & on site commercial kitchen at Paris Victory Gardens. 

Learn what was right, mistakes that were made, and the client psychology behind the infrastructure. Nick reveals never before released details on key aspects of the inner workings of a...

Sep 25, 2018


Brandon & Nick have two food trucks and two certified kitchens in two states between them. In this episode, we take the fear out of wondering if it is possible and she stories of what we did right and what we would do over. 


A commercial kitchen will open up endless possibilities to what you can offer your clients...

Sep 20, 2018

Announcing new additions to The Bootstrap Farmer Incubator. We are going deeper, looking at new ideas, and adding commercial kitchen tips, added value subscription programs, and new farm business models to explore. 

Sep 18, 2018

We look into the idea of creating various businesses that complement one another and the considerations to strive for such a goal. Creative thinking, building a team with the right people, understanding when to bet & when to fold, all play into the long term goal of multiple income and overlapping...

Sep 13, 2018

Brandon's cafe, Craven Local Food Market, opened up last week. Along the way the team came together, pivots were made, and big goals were accomplished. We then looked forward to what is in store the next few weeks and the openers to change to come as the cafe, staff, and clients all find their sweet...