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Bootstrap Farmer Radio

Jul 29, 2019

A look at mentorship and leadership from a seasoned grower to a new farmer. We put a new farmer, Kris, with our friend Ryan Pierce of Fresh Impact Farm in Arlington, VA. We witnessed fresh curiosity and expert answeres all day as cameras rolled. This is what it looked like to debrief Kris the day after. The full...

Mar 31, 2019

Anthony Pippin of Pippin's Produce challenges zoning laws through community support and education as urban agriculture outdoor structures are challenged through zoning laws in Fairfield Ohio.  

Feb 6, 2019


Kathryn Rodgers of Vivacious Dish returns to Bootstrap Farmer Radio to catch up on collaborative farm events, shared kitchens, and her upcoming added value product launch of Energy Chocolate Truffles. 
Catch up with us at our co-hosted San Diego Meetup Feb. 25th at Polite Provisions during the Intentents Business...

Jan 10, 2019


When Bootstrapping your farm, it's important to test out your ideas with your market. Before Nick learned about lean startup and minimum viable products, testing and selling at Crossfit Gyms acted as an important step in developing the salad subscription service that would redefine his farm's purpose. 

In this...

Dec 6, 2018

In this mini-episode, Nick gives a post-Dallas meetup rundown and Brandon shares how he is planning to give small investments out to his immediate circle for a greater 2019 with his inner circle.